Lucky Clover Lady

Lucky Clover Lady


  • Tipo de jogo: Slots de Vídeo, Jogos 3D
  • Volatilidade: ALTA
  • RTP: 96.77%
  • Ganho máximo: x7500

Sobre o jogo:

In a realm beyond our own, an enchanting elf named Eva reigns supreme. Adorned in a graceful, light green gown, she clutches a bouquet of glistening four-leaf clovers, each one lovingly nurtured by her own hand. The lore of this mystical land tells of a cherished tradition among elves—when they unite in matrimony, they exchange these precious four-leaf clovers as tokens of love. It is whispered that those fortunate enough to possess these clovers shall be blessed with boundless good fortune and prosperity.

Such tales have sparked a fervent quest among the inhabitants of this realm to seek out Eva in the hopes of capturing her heart. Rumors abound that Eva frequents a renowned establishment known as PG Soft™, a bar that has become a magnet for countless admirers. With a sea of suitors vying for her affection, the question remains: will Eva discern her true love amidst this throng of admirers?

“Lucky Clover Lady” unfolds as a mesmerizing 5 by 6 symbol combination video slot, enriched with a unique array of features. Witness the emergence of Lucky Clover symbols, each bearing the potential to grant Level-up symbols or Multiplier symbols. As the reels whirl, the magic unfolds—any assembly of 8 or more matching symbols will unveil a winning combination, paving the path to prosperity. To elevate the enchantment further, should 3 Scatter symbols grace the reels, a bounty of 15 free spins will be unlocked. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of “Lucky Clover Lady,” where luck and love intertwine in a tale of timeless enchantment!


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